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Integrating renewable energy systems

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Integrated renewable energy installations

Choosing energy production systems where renewable energy systems depend on the area

Main problems:

- Energy use assrance

- Covering the top power

- Lowering the top power

- Using more renewable energy (nearly 100%)

- Lowering energy costs

Zero energy bus station in city of Tartu

Integreeritud bussipeatus

Zero energy street lights in Rõuge

Rõuge hamlet street lighting.Planning the placement of zero energy columns and modeling the productivity

Testing PV panels, building and emplacement

Päikesepaneelide konstruktsioon

Near to institute of technology is planned tp emplace PV panels fpr comparing and testing.

The project is supported by different Estonian investors that are interested in using solar systems and pilot project. For testing different solar systemswe are waitig for activity of students.