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Energy audits of public buildings

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Today's situation

Today price of electricity is rising rapidly. However, we do not know what will happen after 2013 when the energy market of Estonia will be totally open for foreign electricity companies. Will the price be higher or lower ? Different energy researching documents are showing how people are using energt. It is important to kow the loss of energy to make decisons about everyday  energy use.

How to reduce energy use

For reducing energy consumption we have to look the problem systematically and see the energy use more detailed view. We think that energy use depens on people's behavior. By changing peopel's behavior it is possible to reduce consumption. It is extremely important to integrate and test new technologies.

Some easy tips for reducing energy use

1. Using special electricity plugs from which the power will be switched off when the working day is over

2.In public offices there are on or two bigger kichens where the machine are using less energy ( coffe maker, water boiler, freezer, cooker and so on)

3. Using time switches appliances

4. Using energy saving lamps (LED, halogen) and moving sensors

5. Having on printer for the whole office

6. Using energy saving monitors instead of old ones

7. Swiching off ventilation system for nights and weekends in office if possible

8. Providing other people with information about energy saving

9. Many more energy saving possibilities on website