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Woodenergy and Cleantech

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Wood Energy and Ceantech project in the Energyclass

Programme: Central Baltic Programme                       

Priority: Safe and healthy environment

Direction of support: Supporting sustainable spatial planning and environmental management

Duration: 01.05.2010- 01.12.2012

Knowledge regarding wood energy, clean technology (cleantech) and its applications are not sufficiently distributed to the stakeholders of energy production in all regions of the Central Baltic region. The industrial content of cleantech has developed and there is substantial interest in applying these new techniques. The transfer to a greener society must, to a great extent, be built on local and regional initiatives.

The Woodenergy project promotes wood as an energy source and improves the knowledge about wood energy, environmental friendly techniques and cleantech with its applications.

Lead Partner:

Östergötland County Administrative Board, Sweden (Linköping)

Other partners:

Swedish Forest Agency, Region East, Sweden (Västervik)
Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia (Tartu)
Foundation Private Forest Center, Estonia (Tallinn)
Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia (Cēsis)

Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre - Forest advisory service centre (Ozolnieki)

The project develops regional action plans and strategies on how to promote the effectiveness of wood energy. Case studies are carried out on investment calculations and procurements-related procedures in district heating. Furthermore, the project is developing and introducing a flexible energy system combining wood with other materials such as waste and straw. The project is resulting in a higher level of skill by transnational knowledge exchange in district heating as well as in forest utilisation.

Alo Allik